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In some cases, Dr. Chauhan may recommend a macular or retinal surgery as a treatment option. This page contains a brief overview of each surgery type. You can also click on the links to view in-depth information about each operation.

Macular Surgery

There are a number of macular surgeries that Dr. Chauhan can perform, including:

  • Vitrectomy for epiretinal membrane – Also known as macular pucker surgery, this operation involves the removal of vitreous gel followed by the peeling of the inner limiting membrane (ILM).
  • Vitrectomy for macular hole – This operation is performed to repair macular holes and consists of a vitrectomy and peeling of the ILM. A posturing period is necessary after the surgery.
  • Vitrectomy for vitreomacular traction syndrome – Surgery for vitreomacular traction syndrome involves a vitrectomy and the peeling of the ILM.
  • Vitrectomy for macular oedema – When the macular is thickened due to epiretinal membrane, a vitrectomy for macular oedema may be performed. The procedure is similar to the surgery for epiretinal membrane.

Surgery for Vitreoretinal Conditions

If you suffer from a vitreoretinal condition, one of the following surgeries may be recommended:

  • Vitrectomy for retinal detachment – This surgery involves the removal of vitreous gel from the retina. Patients who undergo this procedure will need to perform posturing afterwards.
  • Vitrectomy for vitreous haemorrhage – Surgery for vitreous haemorrhage begins with a vitrectomy that allows the retina to be properly examined. Further steps will then be taken depending on the cause of the haemorrhage.
  • Vitrectomy for floaters – While floaters don’t require treatment in the majority of cases, a vitrectomy surgery can help to minimise their appearance.
  • Cryo-buckle retinal detachment surgery – This surgery involves stitching a band of solid silicone rubber to the surface of the sclera (the white of the eye) under the conjunctiva. This buckles the sclera inwards, pushing the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) towards the detached retina.

Cataract Surgery

Dr. Chauhan performs modern cataract surgery using the technique of phakoemulsification, which results in less inflammation and a better visual result. The technique involves making a small incision in the cornea to remove the cataract from the lens capsule. An artificial lens intraocular implant (IOL) is then inserted into the capsular bag.

Combined Surgery

Combined surgeries allow multiple conditions to be treated with a single operation. Dr. Chauhan is able to perform the following procedures: