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3 Macular Degeneration Symptoms

Within this video, I detail some of the most common macular degeneration symptoms. Watch now or read the text below to learn more.

Macular Degeneration Symptoms – Dr Devinder Chauhan Vision Eye Institute

Dr Devinder Chauhan describes the symptoms of macular degeneration
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What Are the Most Common Macular Degeneration Symptoms?

When it comes to macular degeneration, it’s vital for people to know what signs and symptoms they should be looking out for. Perhaps the most common macular degeneration symptoms are blurring in the centre of your vision and distortion. This may be apparent when you look at two straight lines and they appear distorted or wavy. Another common symptom is experiencing patches of blurring or central visual loss. Unfortunately, these can both worsen very rapidly, sometimes within a few days.

How to Identify Macular Degeneration Symptoms at Home

It’s highly recommend that people check themselves regularly for macular degeneration symptoms at home, as it is common for patients not to notice when they have one eye affected due to the other eye covering for it. As a result, it’s essential to conduct the test at regular intervals.

The test to identify macular degeneration symptoms involves the use of an Amsler grid. This is a chart that’s marked similarly to graph paper, except it has a dot in the centre of it. To conduct the test, put your glasses on if they’re necessary, make sure you have enough light, and look at the grid, being sure to use one eye at a time. Look straight at the central dot, concentrating on this as well as looking at the lines surrounding the centre and off to the side. If you notice no waviness or distortion, and no missing patches in your vision, you’re most likely fine.

I recommend that people check themselves for macular degeneration symptoms with the Amsler grid regularly. The frequency of testing depends on whether there are any problems with the other eye. Also, if you show no symptoms but have a family history, it’s probably worth doing a check once a month.