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Surgery for Vitreoretinal Conditions

Vitreoretinal Surgeries Performed by Dr Devinder Chauhan

If you suffer from a vitreoretinal condition such as retinal detachment or vitreous haemorrhage, Dr Devinder Chauhan may recommend a vitreoretinal surgery. This page contains summary information on each type of surgery, with more detailed information available when you click on a surgery type.

Available Vitreoretinal Surgeries

Dr Chauhan can perform the following vitreoretinal surgeries at his Melbourne specialist clinics in Box Hill and Boronia:

  • Vitrectomy for retinal detachment – A procedure for retinal detachment involves the removal of vitreous gel from the retina. After the surgery, a posturing period is required.
  • Vitrectomy for vitreous haemorrhage – A vitrectomy is performed to enable the retina to be examined clearly. Dr Chauhan will then take further steps once the cause of the haemorrhage has been determined.
  • Vitrectomy for floaters – While many people can safely live with floaters without their vision being severely affected, in some cases a vitrectomy for floaters may be necessary to minimise their appearance.
  • Cryo-buckle retinal detachment surgery – In this surgery, Dr Chauhan stitches a band of solid silicone rubber to the surface white of the eye (the sclera). This band works to buckle the sclera inwards, helping to push the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) towards the detached retina.