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Combined Surgery

Combined Surgeries Performed by Dr Devinder Chauhan

Combined surgeries may be recommended if multiple conditions are present and need treatment. As it requires only a single operation, a combined surgery is ideal for minimising recovery time. Dr Devinder Chauhan can perform a number of combined surgeries for cataracts as well as macular and vitreoretinal conditions. Continue reading to learn more, or click on a surgery type to view detailed information.

Available Combined Surgeries

Dr. Chauhan is able to perform the following combined surgeries at his Melbourne specialist clinics in Box Hill and Boronia:

  • Combined surgery – cataract and vitrectomy – This surgery involves the removal of the cataract with phakoemulsification as well as a vitrectomy to treat a macular or vitreoretinal condition.
  • Combined surgery for epiretinal membrane – In this operation, Dr Chauhan uses phakoemulsification to remove the cataract before performing a vitrectomy for the treatment of epiretinal membrane.
  • Combined surgery for macular hole – This surgery combines phakoemulsification for the removal of the cataract followed by a vitrectomy and the peeling of the inner limiting membrane (ILM). A posturing period is required after this surgery.
  • Combined surgery for vitreomacular traction syndrome – Dr Chauhan will use phakoemulsification to remove the cataract. A vitrectomy and peeling of the ILM will then be performed to treat vitreomacular traction syndrome.