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What happens during my visit?

Dr Chauhan is very keen on keeping all your health care professionals informed about your eyes, as there are many general health conditions that affect the eyes. For this reason, when you arrive at our clinic in Melbourne, the receptionist will ask for the names of your general practitioner, optometrist and any other specialists you may be seeing.

Scans and Tests

Photographs and scans of your eyes will be taken by an orthoptist in order to help make a diagnosis and plan the management of your eye condition. If you have already had the same scans or photographs taken by your referrer elsewhere in Victoria, we shall not charge for these at your first visit.

slit lamp_1_editedYou will then have your vision tested and be asked about your problem. Our Melbourne orthoptists are highly trained and have a wealth of experience and knowledge about retinal conditions; they are able to make a working diagnosis in many patients and will begin to explain your condition so that your consultation with Dr Chauhan is optimal. Additional tests may be carried out at this stage.

Dilating Drops

Dilating drops will be put into your eyes; these make the pupil of the eye larger and will be used on every visit to Dr Chauhan, generally in both eyes. They prevent the pupil from becoming smaller when bright lights are used to examine the retina. It is impossible to examine the whole retina without these.

The drops blur vision, especially near vision, and cause a lot of glare – even without bright lighting. It is important not to drive for at least 4-6 hours after the drops have been used and it is worth taking sunglasses to any appointment. Please make sure you have arranged an alternative way of getting home. You are likely to be in our Melbourne clinic for up to 2 hours, but it may be longer if you require any further tests or procedures urgently.

Following these tests, you will then have your consultation with Dr Chauhan (click to read more).