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  • GA study announcement

    Research Update: Vision Eye Institute is part of an International Study On Dry Macular Degeneration

    Following a visit to Los Angeles last year, I am pleased to announce that Vision Retinal Institute Eastern (Box Hill), along with the Centre for Eye Research Australia, is about to enrol patients in a new study on dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Whilst the preliminary study already carried out has not reversed any vision loss, a significant number of people on the trial had a slowing down of the progression of the disease. Hopefully, the results are reproduced within this larger, international study.

    In dry macular degeneration (also known as geographic atrophy or GA), the retinal pigment epithelial cells at the macula and the light-sensing photoreceptor cells on top of them disappear in patches, causing permanent visual loss. These patches often grow, taking away patients’ vision over months to years.

    This clinical trial runs over three years, requiring frequent assessments and injections into the eye similarly to the current treatment of the wet type of macular degeneration. Patients are monitored over the study period, with multiple imaging techniques and analyses.

    We are not looking for any more study volunteers yet as there are several already being seen in the clinic that may be suitable. If we do need to recruit more patients, we shall announce that on this website and on my Facebook page as well as through local optometrists.

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